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Capital valuation

Management Advisory

Management Advisory

We understand that you are dealing with a difficult local and global economy, demanding customer expectations, limited resources, disruptive technologies and heightened competition.

We’ve been there too; now, let’s roll up our sleeves and reach your goals together. We’ll become integrated with your team to create custom-tailored solutions for your business that will propel growth.

Our strength lies in applying our fresh perspective and asking the tough questions to uncover what is hindering your success. We are told all the time, “I never thought of it that way before.” We have a relentless drive to uncover the details and give you the trusted support you need for future growth.

Outsourced CFO and Controller Services

As your business grows or is in the process of transition, an experienced Chief Financial Officer or Controller can be expensive and difficult to recruit. We offer interim CFO and Controller services to give you all the benefits of an experienced executive with a proven track record, without all the cost and unnecessary delays.

Whether it is a special project, longer-term assignment, transitional support or monthly maintenance, we will customize our CFO and Controller services to meet your needs. Relying on our expertise today ensures your business is strong tomorrow. We have worked with companies on various project-based initiatives including:

  • Assessing the operating effectiveness of the finance department, complement and skill set of staff
  • Identifying internal accounting gaps in financial controls and procedures
  • Realignment of accounting staff’s daily responsibilities for better segregation of duties and time management
  • Improving and streamlining reporting requirement for management and external stakeholders
  • Training accounting staff on best accounting and reporting practices and timely deliverables
  • Recruitment, skill assessment and setting of hiring criteria for finance personnel
  • Interim vacancy replacements for both controllership and CFO functions

Financial Management Support

Your resources have been strained by competing priorities such as pursuing growth opportunities and implementing operational efficiencies, all the while, tackling day-to-day challenges and tasks. We take the time to understand your objectives to identify potential resources and analyze data to achieve long term profitability through improved performance, minimized waste and revenue growth.

Our expertise:

  • Earnings and cash flow forecasts including identification of key financial drivers and assumptions
  • Data analytics and business intelligence analysis using PowerBI
  • Financial and KPI reporting packages for management, shareholders, and third-party stakeholders
  • Financial risk management including review of internal controls, cash management and cross-training
  • Budgeting and forecasting models and processes
  • Operational assessments to maximize financial efficiencies
  • Public company support
  • Industry research and competitive analysis

Corporate Finance

You have financial risk to manage and performance goals to meet. We will develop and assess financial projections to support investment and debt programs, mergers and acquisitions, performance improvement, restructuring and damage assessments for litigation.

Our financial modelling team will provide advice, instruction and expertise to assist you with:

  • Developing models for: pricing (valuation), debt and equity structuring, working capital and cash flow forecasting, capital budgets and projections
  • Identifying and analyzing financial synergies of a proposed deal
  • Understanding whether the deal is accretive or dilutive to value for shareholders

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance and oversight are essential to an organization. Our approach is to partner with your organization to create sound and effective corporate governance that will lead to long-term success.

In this increasingly complex and global economic and legal environment, we can provide organizations with a clear perspective of processes through which your corporations’ objectives, actions, policies and decisions are set and monitored.

Our expertise:

  • Develop a corporate governance framework to suit the corporation
  • Assess board competencies and composition, practices, processes and policies, information and communication between management, Board and external stakeholders
  • Identify areas to enhance effectiveness and oversight of the Board Develop and monitor incentive compensation plans for senior executives

Strategic Planning

The success of your organization starts with a shared strategic vision. With our disciplined approach and depth of expertise, we will create a corporate road map to your vision. This map will highlight your goals and performance targets, actions needed to achieve those goals, and how to mobilize resources to execute those actions across the key areas of your organization.

By partnering with us on your strategic planning process, we offer a fresh perspective, a disciplined approach and a tailored plan to help you achieve the next stage of growth.

Industry Research

A fundamental understanding of the business, risks and opportunities, key success factors as well as the future industry outlook for your business requires access to market intelligence and competitor data. Our teams of analysts provide systematic gathering, recording, analysis and interpretation of information about a company’s markets, competitors and customers, which is critical in today’s business environment.

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