Business Valuations

We understand that the level of complexity in a business valuation can often be just as high as the stakes. Determining the value of your company, its securities or its assets is critical in many merger, acquisition, tax planning, financial reporting and litigation situations.

We meet those challenges with comprehensive, objective and insightful advice for private and public companies across a wide range of industries. You can rely on our deep understanding of industry and operational knowledge to identify specific dynamics and issues affecting a company’s worth. Knowing what your business is worth is a powerful tool for decision-making and is a meaningful benchmark for your and your team’s success. Sound, expert advice cannot be underestimated, when the equity in your business is most often the most significant asset in your portfolio.

1. Transactions and Restructuring

Our support with transactions and restructuring delivers the clarity you need to effectively manage the process and enhance overall shareholder value. We assist buyers, sellers and lenders to develop and execute their goals, including:

  • Analysis of business strategy, identification of financial objectives and planning for strategic positioning of the business in a sale or purchase
  • Extensive qualitative and quantitative market and competitive analysis
  • Detailed historic and prospective financial analysis with focus on value, ownership dilution, investor return and operating performance including sensitivity analysis, cash flow forecasts
  • Preparation of investor correspondence, including management presentations, confidential investment memorandums, executive summary and teaser documents
  • Identification of prospective buyer and capital targets
  • Identification and quantification of synergies
  • Calculations of net proceeds to shareholder for tax and financial planning purposes
  • Executive coaching for management presentations
  • Advice in capital and corporate structuring
  • Due diligence, legal review and analysis of documentation including shareholder and employment agreements, purchase and sale and lending agreements, etc. in order to close on the transaction
2. Income Tax Planning and Compliance

With extensive experience in income tax planning, we focus on the details and take into consideration recent changes from tax authorities and the courts to provide a clear, concise valuation report required to withstand scrutiny. Our independent, comprehensive valuations are required to support the following tax situations:

  • Corporate reorganization
  • Related party transactions
  • Transfer of assets between tax jurisdictions
  • Estate and trust planning
  • Date of death tax returns
  • Tax dispute resolution
3. Litigation Support

In litigation, we provide independent and expert advice on valuation and quantification of economic damages for every situation. We review and analyze the financial data, validate our conclusions, provide expert testimony and advise for mediation and alternative dispute resolution in valuation and damage matters involving:

  • Commercial and civil litigation
  • Pre and post matrimonial breakdown
  • Shareholder disputes and oppression remedies
  • Tax disputes
  • Mediation and settlement negotiations
4. Shareholder Agreements

Shareholder agreements provide a road map for decision making between business owners and need to be carefully crafted to ensure the best outcomes. There are various events in the business life cycle that trigger a valuation, including:

  • A dissolution or buyout of your shares
  • A shot-gun arrangement
  • Transfer due to a marital breakdown
  • Bankruptcy
  • A serious disagreement among shareholders
  • Permanent disability
  • Retirement

Federal and provincial business statutes also require a valuation be made as part of any proposed remedy to corporate oppression of minority shareholders. In every scenario, we carefully analyze the business dynamics and value catalysts underlying the business or a shareholder’s goals and arrive an independent, objective, expert conclusion to meet your needs.

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