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Capital valuation

Transaction and Deal Advisory Services

Acquisitions and Transaction Services

Navigating the complexities of a merger, acquisition, corporate restructuring, sale or financing can place increased demands on you as the business owner or as a capital provider.

Our expertise will provide a clear plan to complete major business transactions that are strategically aligned with your growth targets, saving time and costs associated with the deal.

With our support, you will avoid surprises, deliver optimal value to your stakeholders and get the deal done.

Purchase and Sale Transactions

You have critical decisions to make based on the unbiased advice from a trusted partner.

Our advisory services below give you the information and direction you need for any buy-sell transaction, succession plan or restructuring including to devise and help execute a plan to sell, merge, acquire, determine the asset or share pricing, complete the financing and prepare for negotiations in order to maximize stakeholder returns.

  • Pre-sale preparations
  • Assessing likely buyers
  • Determination of sale strategy and process
  • Screening bidders
  • Negotiations
  • Coordinating due diligence
  • Closing
Acquisition & Management Buy-Out
  • Determining objectives
  • Market valuation
  • Bid strategy
  • Negotiations
  • Due diligence
  • Capital structure development
  • Financing
  • Closing
  • Raising all types of financing including: senior debt; sub-debt; and all forms of equity
  • Financial modeling
  • Capital structure development
  • Risk assessment
  • Lender/Investor review
  • Negotiation
  • Closing
  • Financial review
  • Alternatives analysis
  • Stakeholder negotiation
  • Refinancing
  • Closing
Special Situations
  • Succession planning for closely held businesses
  • Shareholder dispute resolutions
  • Market valuation
  • Strategic alternatives

Transactions are complex and require a wide array of knowledge and skillsets to navigate the various issues that may arise.

Due Diligence

Time is of the essence when making informed investment decisions to protect the equity or capital at risk. We help to compress transaction cycles and provide investors and lenders with timely and comprehensive information to close the transaction and monitor its investment.

Whether for buy-side or sell-side transactions, we review the target’s historical and forecast performance and quality of earnings from the perspective of its markets, customers, competitors and internal capabilities, including:

  • Quality of earnings review required for companies that have low assurance financial statements (e.g. Notice to Reader, internal and/or interim financial results)
  • An understanding of the drivers of historical and forecast performance, including testing assumptions and measuring performance to key financial metrics
  • Target working capital calculations and recommendations including the closing and post-transaction analysis
  • Assistance with pre-transaction tax planning
  • Assessment of customized target investment criteria such as financial ratios, industry concentration, capital strength and management team
  • Analysis and research of the market demand for the business’ specific products / services
  • Analysis of the competitive environment and the target’s competitive position relative to key industry metrics
  • Analysis of key customers and the strength of the target’s relationships and contracts
  • Evaluation of the return on investment analysis and possible exit strategies
  • Analysis of shareholders’ after-tax financial position in the post-transaction and exit periods

Our collaborative approach is customized to each transaction and investor. Our knowledge of the deal process ensures that we meet our client’s requirement for speed, accuracy and reliability on any due diligence assignment.

Corporate Finance

When challenged with financing requirements to expand, to finance an acquisition or to assist in restructuring, we provide comprehensive capital structure advice and financial management tools tailored to your unique situation.

Our expertise includes:

  • Sourcing the best combination of debt and equity including senior debt, sub-debt, mezzanine and all forms of quasi-equity and equity capital
  • Undertaking a capital structure analysis to optimize your company’s financial position
  • Determining the optimal capital allocation strategy for the following transactions:
  • Working capital
  • Capital expenditures
  • Merger and acquisitions
  • Share repurchases
  • Dividends
  • Assistance to evaluate and execute an offering and/or lending transaction and due diligence
  • Formulating shareholder exit planning options

Data Analytics

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff have access to comprehensive market research and data to assist with the fundamental understanding of the business, risks and opportunities, key success factors as well as the future outlook for the industry including:

and Phelps
Capital IQ
Conference Board of Canada
Other Published Market Data & Surveys

We work with powerful and emerging data and business intelligence analytical tools such as Power BI to transform data to insights to help you understand your business and make better, informed decisions for your business.

  • Discover: Search, access, and transform public and internal data sources with Power Query
  • Analyze: Easy data modeling and lightning fast in-memory analytics with Power Pivot
  • Visualize: Bold new interactive data visualizations with Power View and Power Map

Restructuring and Turnarounds

As your strategic partner, we will show you how to get the most out of your business. If your company is underperforming or in a crisis, we will provide you with profitability and working capital plans to stabilize your financial and operational performance.

Our expertise includes:

  • Liquidity forecasts
  • Improving cash flow management
  • Obtaining additional financing
  • Negotiating loan covenant waivers
  • Recommendations for operational changes
  • Guidance through complex debt and equity restructuring

Succession Planning

Succession planning takes time and involves navigating complex issues. The key to a successful transition of your business is the alignment of your goals, core competencies and management processes to minimize risks and increase business value. Our experienced and knowledgeable advisors, together with the leadership team, will work side-by-side to help ensure a successful exit of your business, whilst protecting your brand and legacy.

Featured Transactions

Transaction Announcement - PROLANN Group

Capital Assist (Valuation) Inc. advises PROLANN Group on its sale to Parkview Capital Partners Inc.

Grossi Physiotherapy

Capital Assist (Valuation) Inc. advises Grossi Physiotherapy Professional Corporation on its sale to an undisclosed buyer.

Bello Metalrecycling and LGS Industries

Capital Assist (Valuation) Inc. advises Bello Metalrecycling and LGS Industries on its sale to American Iron & Metal Company Inc.

Transaction Announcement: Kelcom

Capital Assist (Valuation) Inc. advises KELCOM Wireless Ltd. on its sale to SmartCell Communications Inc.

Transaction Announcement: PBL

Capital Assist (Valuation) Inc. advises PBL Insurance Limited on its sale to NFP Canada Corp.

Transaction Announcement: Wellness & Mobility Inc.

Capital Assist (Valuation) Inc. advises Wellness & Mobility Inc. on its partial sale to ATM Pharmacies Ltd.

Transaction Announcement: Leamington Medical Pharmacy

Capital Assist (Valuation) Inc. and NewPoint Capital Partners, Inc. advises Leamington Medical Pharmacy Ltd. on its sale to Rexall/Pharma Plus Pharmacies Ltd.

Transaction Announcement: ProStaff

Capital Assist (Valuation) Inc. advises ProStaff Employment Solutions Inc. on its sale to an undisclosed buyer

Transaction Announcement: Technicut Tool

Capital Assist (Valuation) Inc. and NewPoint Capital Partners, Inc. advises Technicut Tool, Inc. on its majority sale to White Wolf Capital LLC.

NewPoint Capital Partners Inc. is a leading independent mid-market investment banking firm specializing in strategic merger, acquisition, divestiture, private financing, capital restructuring and management buyout. We partner on deals to uniquely position us to deliver the essential local market knowledge and presence, coupled with expertise and national and international reach to financial and strategic markets for mid-size companies. Capital Assist and NewPoint share a mutual commitment to the delivery of the highest quality service and access to a team of experienced professionals unparalleled in the market. For a complete outline of NewPoint’s services and transaction history, please visit their website at